La Chaire présentera ses travaux scientifiques au public à Madrid, dans le cadre du World ATM Congress. Cette présentation aura lieu le 12 mars 2019 à partir de 14h20 au sein du « Tower Theatre ». La conférence, intitulée « The ENAC – Groupe ADP – Sopra Steria research Chair on drone systems : a new way to explore drones integration into airspace » sera présentée par Yannick Jestin, titulaire de la Chaire et Responsable du programme de recherche Drones de l'ENAC. Infos, programme et inscriptions ici >>>

Voici le résumé de la présentation (en anglais) :

In the world of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), the future is almost here; but it can, and must, be shaped still, by working on both the vehicles themselves and the organization of the airspace in which they will be deployed. Added to that, new trends keep emerging, pulling the future in different possible directions (Urban Air Mobility, driverless personal air vehicles …).

A study of ongoing efforts to shape the future of UAS shows that these efforts are almost always divided in two categories moving in parallel: work on the vehicle (trying to increase its Technology Readiness Level: its size, endurance, autonomy level, improve its software’s assurance level …); and work on the concept of operations (EASA, EUROCONTROL, SESAR …).

The Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) – Groupe ADP – Sopra Steria Research Chair on Drone Systems is helping to bridge that gap, by providing inputs for both vehicle technology and the environment in which they operate.

The Chair has a three-year-old background in Detect And Avoid and fault detection and management. Embedded in the ENAC’s Research Lab on Small UAS, it benefits from an environment rich in skill and testing facilities, providing research on topics such as Vertical Take Off and Landing fixed wing aircraft. Added to that, the Chair works on the development of UAS operations within the airport environment, for example for the inspection of radio navigation systems.

As a result of this approach mixing both vehicle and environment, the Chair contributes to building some of the blocks of U-space.

La Chaire sera également présentée durant tout le salon sur le stand de l’ENAC et de la DSNA (stand n°480).


Découvrez la dernière version de la plaquette de présentation de la Chaire et de ses axes scientifiques ici >>>